Jessica Campbell

Region: Midwest

Recently I have been primarily working in carpet, creating figurative works that visually mimic latch hook rugs while deviating from this precedent in their subject matter, style, and scale. These works reference craft traditions, home decor, fine art, and narrative art with an emphasis on comics. Engrained within them is a humorous tone, due to cartoony depictions and unorthodox material, though underlying this humor is often a darker subject matter that directly or indirectly references class oppression, sexual violence, gender discrimination, trauma, and other personal narratives. A conflation of these many forces is central to my work because it reflects the complexity of the human condition, which simultaneously encompasses multiple, seemingly contradictory experiences. I work as a cartoonist in addition to making studio work, and this combination of craft, fine art, and commercial art forms allows me to combine the familiar in new and unexpected ways.