Jessica Bremehr

Region: MFA Annual

I am simply an Earthling using my eyeballs as a vacuum, sucking up any inspiration that floats by and spitting it out through my hands. On an average day, I meditate on the gestures of plant life within my home and along the sidewalks in my neighborhood. Through these meditations, I imagine the alternate possibilities of the human body. If I were anything but human, I would be a plant; a long appendage who wiggles their way from dirt toward maturity and shifts daily with the direction of the sun.

I translate these daydreams through my work, which offers an escape into a fantastical realm where science fiction, environmentalism, and sensuality intertwine to explore our innate connection to the world we inhabit. The vivid colors vibrate the senses in the way a flower uses visual cues to attract a pollinator. The repetitive designs and interwoven abstract and figural forms prompt meditative states to contemplate our own bodies in space, while promoting reverence for the microscopic and commonplace natural wonders of the world around us.