Jessica Boyko

Region: South

To put it simply, what I love most is the sheer act of painting. It's the transfer of paint from a large glass pallet to a beautiful white canvas that excites me most.

While I always control the touch, I am amazed at the mark I make.

For the past two years, I have been investigating the animal form. It is a figure that has intrigued me since I was young. To watch an animal walk, eat, or play is a luxury in life whether it is domestic or wild. The animals I use allow me to talk about beastly doings, time and chaos, the environment and its effects on them.

I research all types of visual thinking to create subject and content. The use of color, composition, and touch are three constants I use. It is the challenge to solve the problem of each that compels me to paint.

It's how I push paint around.