Jesse McCloskey

Gallery Affiliations: Claire Oliver Gallery

Region: Northeast

l paint pictures by first drawing then adding colored shapes of paper to make changes of movement and design. I paint on top of that to make further revisions, and on and on, until the picture feels correct. One of the interesting aspects not easy to see in reproduction of my work is the layering of paper and paint. Occasionally you can peek into a cut in the paper seven or eight layers down, with all the abandoned structures and designs underneath like an excavated city. I continue in this process until the final layer of paint completes the painting and suggests the direction of the next work.

The materials and methods of my paintings also inform my print work. Using a printer’s proof and makeshift light table I paint individual pictures, then press a cut block onto each one by hand. Printing manually gives each work unique color and alignment registration, adding tension and a raw quality to the piece, heightening the visual impact and narration.