Jeremy Jones

Region: South


City / State: NEW ORLEANS, LA

 How should we question that which recurs daily? It is ordinary to aggrandize the everyday, daydream of what could be, and give significance to the otherwise insignificant. We get caught in ideas of comfort and normalcy as though the everyday holds neither questions nor answers. My work explores these unasked questions and seeks to respond to them, though the answers are often evasive. It concerns itself with illusions void of any tangent with our needs but hinges instead on our social experiences and personal histories.

With oil paint, I create facsimiles of ordinary objects, asking the viewer to decelerate, take time to engage with the subject matter and appreciate its worth through deliberate consideration. Still, despite any attempts at trickery and illusion, the end results are only flat surfaces of paint. Calm and quiet images that imitate objects we know while simultaneously refusing to give us the real thing. We miss out on comfort and normalcy.