Jeremiah Palecek

Region: West

City / State: Boulder, CO

 I make figure paintings of cybernetic entities. I use robotic arms, plotters, and other automatic painting machines, and I contrast these machine-made marks with my own, made by my hand. I focus on figurative work as a vehicle to further discussion about how humans are becoming nodes on a huge network, like leaves on a big tree. My portrait paintings are partially made from Facebook data collected about individuals close to me. I like it when my computer can make a scribble based on data from that person, and I can then respond and enter into a dialogue with it. The subjects in my paintings are people who are defined by shifting and borderless edges that allude to the separation between the artificial and the natural, the digital and the real. The intersections of the body, mind, and technology occur where bits and pixels meet flesh and bone. I believe that painting is intrinsically a very human act, and seek to respond to the digital landscape in which I live today with paint.