Jenny Kemp

Region: Northeast


City / State: Troy, NY

Abstraction is a means for me to perceive biology and nature in indirect ways. I paint conversations developed through a language of hand-painted parallel lines whose hues pulse with varying intensity, reflecting movement in the natural world. In these spaces, organic form and pattern set out to transcend the awe we feel toward nature to arrive at a place of inquiry, oddity, and sensuality.

I believe that organic abstraction takes root in the bodily experience: interactions between beings and the phenomenon of feeling. These themes can be interpreted through biomorphic forms that tease figure/ground relationships through contrasts in color. Curving shapes move and overlap to suggest portals or windows that reference symbolism in human experience. Through the use of small overlaying and repeating patterns, I aim to address the relationship between vision and perception and to encourage viewers to engage intimately with the object to find their own headspace within the work.