Jennifer Schultz

Gallery Affiliations: Zapow!

Region: South


City / State: Greensboro, NC

I find rich subject matter in banality. In my work, I attach myself to the sweet grime of the everyday. I see and feel the outskirts of things more than the things themselves. What some deem insignificant is what propels my process.

I want to collapse into everything, all the strange matter that makes up this world.

The space I inhabit largely influences the work. I feed off of what already exists, becoming a parasite of a parasite. I am interested in in-between environments, which are, in one sense, forgotten places, and in another, teeming with dialogue. My work investigates questions of reality and disposability. I examine the value of materiality. Does a morality of materials exist? Are surface and essence a dichotomy or can they be in a state of collusion?