Jen Pack

Gallery Affiliations: Taylor De Cordoba

Region: West

The driving impulse behind the work is the interweaving of contrasts, oppositions, and normative coloration. Small, distinct pieces retain their integrity while they are reordered and fused to become a new whole. This is the reason the works are collaged rather than invented: the color is already speaking . . . sequence and placement (or displacement) allow it to sing. Each color is activated by surrounding hues and is most vibrant when in stark contrast—in tone, shade, or intensity—to neighboring chroma. A color’s inherent brilliance is intensified when it is dissonant and inconsistent with adjacent pigmentation. These moments are also when remarkable visual occurrences can occur: glow, radiation, melting, luminosity, and transformation. The work is in between: it celebrates the purity of abstract form while daring to exist with zeal.