Jeanne Lorenz

Gallery Affiliations: The Compound Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

My paintings mix the digital present and the analog past—layering as a way of experiencing evolving modes of technology that circle back to eternal expressions. I’m captivated by industrial materials and create connections between the cosmological engravings of Robert Fludd and American vinyl records destined for the dumpster. This work makes use of archaic Americana, which I see as an oppositional place-holder for beauty. My paintings demonstrate the labor of producing material culture, labor often obscured by low production costs and industrial finish.

I bring the material detritus of outmoded culture—embodied by vinyl records—to the vestigial kitsch of late Victorian-cum-Cold War gendered parlor spaces. My loosely hand-painted geometric wallpaper installations contrast with the comfortable but tightly manufactured floral patterns of industrial wallpaper, asking us to confront questions of craft, labor, and the meaning of the handmade.