Jeanette Mundt

Gallery Affiliations: CliftonBenevento

Region: Northeast

The source material for my work comes from images I find in magazines, personal photographs, Google image searches, friends‚ Flickr accounts, and books. I work intuitively, investigating images that display a tension or explain the balancing act within the concept of normality, amplifying the efforts made to succeed, to achieve the status of Normal. I am looking for the polarization in human standards: the success in failure, the failure in success. My work pursues subjects that visually highlight this contest, such as vacations, pets, celebrations, and interior/exterior design. The Home and the Garden are idealized; they function as allegory and can be perfected using tools for general consumption; a website, or magazine article. The Norm becomes a utopia achieved through a lifestyle that anticipates immediate satisfaction that is a result of what Baudrillard described as the miniaturization and micro-processing of pleasure, time, and bodies.