Jason Saager

Region: West

My paintings are elaborate fantasy worlds of impossible spaces. I’m interested in finding a sense of tranquility and transcendence in the work while negotiating with disorientation, irrational nonsense, and absurd perspectives.

I start my process by making an oil monotype on a large plate of plexiglass. I use my body weight to create the print. This approach creates time pressure and unpredictable outcomes because I have to finish before the paint dries. It isn’t always clear what’s going to happen when the painting gets pressed onto the paper. This way of working enables me to experiment and take risks at a fast pace. I then mount the print on canvas over panel and work into it with direct painting. The idea is to create a magically ordered world out of managing the chaos and uncertainty in the print. I slowly paint out most of the surface with tiny brushes over time and add in whatever feels right along the way.