Jason P. Adkins

Gallery Affiliations: Western Project

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://jason-adkins.com

City / State: Oceanside, CA

These are simple paintings of gestural abstractions that represent how an abstraction and its necessary components converse within a simple landscape.

My objective is to simply break down a landscape by creating a series of gestures, void of any solid identifiable references, that condone a relationship with the landscape. These gestures, in turn, depict a scene that is strikingly comforting and familiar, yet at the same time unsettling and intimidating. In working monochromatically, I have dissolved any realistic or natural scene and have replaced it with a congregation of information. This monochromatic information, firm yet abstract, activates the necessary components to form a landscape.

These simple gestures nestle, twist, turn, hide, and glide as they investigate the landscape surrounding them. The result being this: a whimsical marriage between a series of simple abstract gestures and a simple landscape. Simply put, these simple paintings are not so simple.