Jason Hughes

Gallery Affiliations: Curator's Office

Region: South

The things we internalize inevitably manifest themselves into our reality. Our thoughts replicate and travel greater distances more efficiently then any other organism. Like ripples on a pond our state of mind impacts a greater body then our own. However many of us never recognize the influence our perceptions have in shaping our experiences. As a result many of us feel helpless in affecting what we see going on around us - that is if we even choose to pay attention at all. The chaos that seems to be consuming the world is not only a battleground for resources, cheap labor, and competing ideologies, yet a deeper state of self-expression that is far more dangerous when amplified through the collective consciousness. War proliferates because many of us are at war with ourselves.

My working methods allow me the time to digest my insecurities, anxieties, and fears. I start in the center and work my way out of the labyrinth one mark at a time. These mind games are exercises in searching for inner peace and understanding so that I may share that knowledge with the world in which I actively participate.