Jason Brooks

Region: West

Website: http://www.jasonbrooksstudio.com

City / State: Austin, TX

 My paintings are a collage of my life experiences. Not necessarily filmic stills, but a dissection of emotions. Extracted from complex emotions and experiences, simple, non-grandiose images appear. Most of my paintings do not have a set narrative, leaving it up to the viewer to navigate their own path through the work. As an artist, I’m always looking for an opportunity to create. A juxtaposition of imagination, recent experiences, and distant memories re-emerge and reveal themselves in a new way. During this excavation process, fields of color and an active paint surface make their entry, bringing a sense of urgency into the paintings. Recently, a favorite subject of mine is the gorilla. I like to put them into exaggerated scenarios that are sometimes human. They dominate the picture plane with their monolithic body mass, once again against fields of color and an active surface.