Jasmine Best

Region: South

Website: https://www.jasminebest.com/

City / State: Greensboro, NC

Memories encompass where we come from, who we know, and what we subconsciously find important. They make up who we are but they are also malleable and can be manipulated like any medium used in art. I reevaluate my personal memories for moments that have either affected how I interact with others or impacted the intersection of my marginalized identities. Working from my individual past both articulates a better understanding of my own background as a Black Carolinian woman and creates a platform where others can find relatable connections from my work in their lives. I take the racial, southern, and domestic upbringing I, and past generations of women in my family, have had and place it in a new context to materialize not just memories but the emotions tied to them. Specific fabrics, prints, animation styles, objects, mark making, and compositions can all bring to mind a certain time, place, emotion, or person.