Jared Joslin

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.jaredjoslin.com

City / State: Chicago, IL

In my work, I strive to conjure vibrant, breathing images. Since I deal with figures, their presence, gesture and gaze is key. That is what will initially ignite the viewer's desire to step into that canvas.

I search for a sense of seductiveness. I find it in the figure itself, in the lusciousness of the surroundings, or in something far more intangible. For me, the imagery must be tactile. I want the viewer to feel, sense and smell the many textures of things. Many factors must work harmoniously, to entice the viewer to participate in the mood of a painting. If something is compositionally off, or rendered incorrectly, it will break the dream. Since my medium is acrylic, I have to work quickly and with precision. Luminosity is achieved by building up many translucent layers. Precision is necessary for it to seem effortless.

I am strongly influenced by the aesthetic sensibility of 1920's and 30's. In particular, artists such as Christian Schad, Antonio Donghi and Tamara de Lempicka. When I see certain images, I am immediately transported into some beautiful, mysterious and courageous dream. It makes me want to explore that aspect of my fascination and imagination and to make it my own. These images provide a space to dream, a window into another place, where time has no bearing. It is evocative of the past, but exists outside of time.