Janelle Wisehart

Region: South

Website: http://www.janellewisehartart.com

City / State: Hahira, GA

I draw about my world and the various influences that affect it. My emotions, ideas, people encountered, childhood memories, and religious beliefs have all become a part of the catalyst that determines my work. I create instances in time that are but a brief glimpse into another world, created for the purpose of indulging myself in a moment that is past. They are autobiographical in nature. The content appears to be that of random pages taken from a private diary. Each piece reflects a state of fragility, which I use as strength to enhance their attractiveness within the surroundings they exist. The process involved in creating my drawings is the most vital and satisfying aspect of the works themselves. Starting with a quiet negative space, I bring physical yet sensitive materials that give the satisfaction of immediacy. The small scale on which some of the works are rendered literally forces the viewer to come face to face with them, causing an intimate connection of dialogue to form between the drawing and the viewer.