Jamison L. LeBlanc

Region: West

Website: http://www.jamisonleblanc.com

City / State: Denton, TX

While much of my work is conceptually driven, this current series on canvas reflects a heavily formal outcome of painting language. The essence of what I’m doing as a creator is a constant grasping for what comes next wile sensing a self-identity in the type of attitude I direct into the work.

Finding a relationship between intuitive and formal decisions at a given moment is an approach I’ve become familiar with, which has given my visual language a whole new feeling for me. I achieve this by balancing the mark of the hand with experimenting and discovering colors, playing with spatial ground, and investigating how shapes, silhouettes, patterns, and movements can resonate. Subsequently, memories and stories can resurface in these forms, yet the entities that surface are rarely predetermined when I begin a painting. They are but visiting strangers that hold an idiosyncratic relationship with the viewer.