James Sterling Pitt

Gallery Affiliations: Eli Ridgway Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

My art functions as a chronological image bank of abstracted memories. Fleeting occurrences are represented at times as playfully recognizable objects—and at times as notional forms that function as surrogates for momentary perceptual shifts. Conceived as an object-based journal that poetically documents these shifts, my current works are two-and three-dimensional reinterpretations of transitory sightings and experiences. Taking the form of gridded drawings (literally and conceptually emulating a calendar) and, later, intimately sized sculptures, my subconscious explorations bridge the poignancy of reminiscence and the concreteness of the present. When installed in curated sets, the work not only becomes a map of personal identity, but a universal chronicle of ever-changing relationships to both human and inanimate companions.