James Perrin

Region: South

My work explores the visual language contained within a created object, the painting—a tactile image constructed of physical material, with suggestions of depth and flatness, demonstrating various pictorial constructions originating from how we see and experience real space, objects, matter, and life within the constraints of time.

I approach painting as a self-contained language system with polysemic image suggestions that creates fluctuating events of pareidolia. I am interested in painting as a mode of communication that transverses time and culture—as a sensory communicative experience between artist and viewer. My work incorporates a variety of ideas, frameworks, and strategies. My latest paintings incorporate images and ideas derived from retail interiors, Caribbean beaches, fashion, CT scans, medical photographs, passages from paintings by Giotto, Masaccio, Enguerrand Quarton, and Fra Angelico, segments of my previous work, as well as photos from my daily life.