Jacob Sechter

Region: South

Website: http://jacobsechter.com

City / State: Baltimore, MD

 I work from memory and intuition to invent spaces that are built from harmonious color relationships, fluid lines, and expressive mark making. I want to shift our society’s traditional notions of gender expression and use subject matter such as flowers to speak to a sense of self-affirmation and discovery. I find that human beings are full of contrasts, and our identities are so complex; often operating in dualities that are never static, we find ourselves constantly shifting. I explore this in the formal aspects of my work, where I play with contradicting elements. A warm color might meet a cool color, areas of shadow might mix with spaces of light, or hard edges may mingle with soft. When looking at them, you’re not quite sure where things end and begin, what layer a mark or color might exist on, or what portion of the surface is wiped-away paint or paint freshly applied above it.