Jackie Tileston

Gallery Affiliations: Pentimenti Gallery, Zg Gallery, Holy Johnson Gallery, PennDesign Fine Arts

Region: Northeast

My work feeds off of a variety of sources which are orchestrated to create a world in which the beautiful, absurd, sacred, and mundane can coexist. I often purposefully cultivate an operatic sense of surface and reference, and create paintings in which different locations or spaces can coexist within one space - heterotopias. Ideas about how we construct our realities and selves through language, social structure, geography, and belief feed into this desire to juxtapose sites and images that might be incompatible. My work knits the world together in a kind of visual globalism. There is both a sense of idealism and anxiety that accompanies this endeavor - the desire to make a multi-layered garden of Eden, and concern about how to make sense of it and reconcile disparities. I am interested in visual democracies, nomadic thinking, rearranging hierarchies, and trying to fuse personal expression with shared social and cultural spaces, in full pictorial glory.