Jack Arthur Wood

Region: MFA Annual

Website: http://www.jackarthurwood.com

City / State: Ridgewood, NY

My work investigates the horizon as a transitional proscenium of utopia. A place where nothing ever happens, an aspirational space. As humans we try to explain why we exist. My own thoughts of “Why?” were first informed by childhood night terrors. Though the terrors have stopped, their sensation lingers, leaving me with a creeping suspicion that nothing is real.

The nature of objects is more or less based on a binary. In my work, I explore the inseparable combination of anxiety and joy I feel as I envision the nature of things oscillating between two points. I visualize a way that binary space can be punctured and trespassed. A place of potentiality, formed through transcendental landscapes with vibrant color, frenetic mark, and diverse textures. Portals protrude from the land, engulfing smaller portals, passing into distant horizons, and suggesting that the transcendental search is . . .