Ivana Carman

Region: Northeast

Website: http://ivanacarman.art

City / State: New York, NY

 I paint to explore the blurry border between our inner and outer reality in daily life. Through an assemblage of painting, drawing, photography, and printmaking, I seek to synthesize visual languages sampled from antiquity to modernism in order to describe the contemporary mind and observer. My work explores the complex relationships between the virtual and the real, the intimate and the public, the factual and the imagined.

My paintings flicker between gestural marks, sensitive drawing, and highly photographic elements. In their amalgamation, these disparate parts harmonize to evoke a sensation of lived experience. Using potent color and intimate brush marks, I create a convincing reality that breaks with abstraction. I animate quiet interiors with emotional and psychological depth.

By reflecting on my own experiences, I consider how the rich and complex inner life of a contemporary mind fragments and distorts the way we move through and see the world.