Iona Rozeal Brown

Gallery Affiliations: Salon 94, G Fine Art, Saltworks Gallery

Region: MFA Annual


Born in 1966, Washington, DC. Lives and works in New York, NY. Iona Rozeal Brown's most recent paintings are an unprecedented mixture of anonymous courtesans, geisha and other Japanese subjects. She explores the theme of Afro-Asiatic allegory, addressing the global influence of african american culture as fetish. Brown's work signals the energy, critical direction and complexity of contemporary practice that is engaged in a tenuous marriage of commerce and resistance. In her paintings, Brown intertextually juxtaposes color and texture, a technique that parallels her artistry as a DJ. Both practices emerge from a process of self-sampling and remixing, devices employed by media to create its own endless permutations or representations and meanings. Throughout her work, Brown brings a subversive reading to her art, and manipulates hyper self-conscious imagery to articulate contemporary concerns regarding race, gender and class.