Ian Sonsyadek

Region: Midwest

City / State: Chicago, IL

 When I get to making something, the drive is to get at and exploit the seemingly mundane quality of our collective surroundings. You either get lost in, or completely ignore your daily setting most of the time, but the visual background noise hums along. I’ve found that with time and scrutiny, our habitats can expose themselves to the bizarre mixture of influences that form them, especially in a city environment. Observational in its foundation, my work tends to shift and merge into the abstract through sampled components and hints of collage, like abstraction lite. More recently, this process has come to include the visual slang of mediation through filters and layers of various apps or programs and other methods of sharing our common, yet altered, experiences. Synthetic in their conception, my paintings are compressed compositions of disparate elements at the cross section of the natural and the manmade, the byproducts of our constructed environments.