Ian Pines

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://ianepines.com

City / State: Los Angeles, CA

My work is personal, intuitive, and psychological: my paintings are rapidly metamorphosing mirrors of primordial oil. Yet out of the paint on canvas emerges much artistic as well as anthropological and cosmological significance. The flurries of brushstrokes heaped onto one another allude to the uncertainty created by our overstimulated environment. Whatever is struggled for is lost in the chaos of our corrosive surroundings. Nonetheless, we continue to develop consequential things— however unintentional and ephemeral they may be—on account of our tenacity and cosmic luck.

We are pulled in countless directions by telecommunications, quick transportation, and other complicating automation in our lives, so much so that the feeling of what it is to be inside a body is dulled by the anxiety of having to pay attention to myriad simultaneous demands. This disrupted state, along with the monstrosity of new machinations that cause pollution and violence, points to something undeniable: grafting technology to the human mess is a clumsy process.