Hollis Hammonds

Region: West

Website: http://www.hollishammonds.com

City / State: Austin, TX

Built on threads of personal memory and tied to the public collective consciousness, my drawings and found-object installations investigate a variety of social issues, from environmental degradation to economic disparity and both natural and man-made disasters. Most recently, my work reflects on the overwhelming evidence of useless violence and abuse of power within our criminal justice system.

I utilize beauty as a device to unpack difficult issues, as can be seen in Domestic Brutality. This black–and–blue installation, which combines western decorative motifs with images of police brutality (regularly seen on the news as well as on social media and YouTube), unveils the blind indifference of many American households to this unnecessary violence.

Utilizing drawing, painting, objects, and scale to represent my own experiences, observations, and beliefs, I create complex scenes where truth/fiction and past/future can intersect and overlap, hopefully leaving space for interpretation and personal reflection on the part of the viewer.