Heyd Fontenot

Gallery Affiliations: Inman Gallery, Conduit Gallery

Region: West

Website: http://www.heydfontenot.com

City / State: Dallas, TX

These portraits frequently contain exaggerated features and distorted proportions. Academic-style “accuracy” is not the goal. I seek to achieve a particular intimacy. My focus is on the unique qualities of the individual, which are not limited to physical information.

Historically, due to particular types of censorship, artists could legitimately work with the naked body only to illustrate biblical or classical mythologies. The potent “nude” was often neutralized . . . or even neutered, to some extent. It is not my intention to make specifically erotic artworks, but rather to integrate and acknowledge that energy. The complete and fully realized person has an element of sexuality, but maintains a balance to embody a far more interesting complexity.

3 Throughout my art career, my studio practice and filmmaking have involved social politics; my work is largely motivated by, and in opposition to, oppressive societal norms. As our culture struggles with issues of morality, spirituality, and sexuality, I aspire to offer new possibilities of acceptance, thoughtfulness, and true freedom with these very human images.