Heui Tae Yoon

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.Yoonheuitae.net

City / State: New York, NY

 This body of work is about the machine, civilization, and religion. It starts from the premise that “humans don’t speak falsely in front of the search engine.” Nowadays we search, write, and ask questions of Google without the slightest knowledge of everyday life, of personal deviations or criminal acts. This is very similar to the practice of confession or prayer that mankind has created in religion. I think it is possible because of the blind trust in the machine.

For example, when using the Internet, YouTube, or SNS, our search lists and consumption patterns can be analyzed through big data, prioritizing things that individuals like and prioritizing people themselves. This eventually leads you to a situation where you see, hear, and read only what people like you like, and this phenomenon narrows and isolates everyone’s vision and thinking. The development of a technological civilization seems to be creating a situation where human beings begin to lose their humanity.

Most of my works are influenced by Byzantine religious works and are based on the Catholic Bible.