Helena Wurzel

Gallery Affiliations: Russell Projects

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.helenawurzel.com

City / State: Cambridge, MA

I explore the layers and complexities of femininity, physical beauty, and the intricate wonderland of the mind. Elusive thoughts and feelings, joys and sorrows, humor, and darkness are an integral part of the subject matter. I depict images of my girlfriends and myself in intimate moments of self-reflection and celebration. Private rituals such as dressing, undressing, and looking in the mirror are reoccurring themes. Whether a single portrait or multi-figural composition, the figures tend to not face the viewer, but rather to each be in a contemplative state. I use formal elements such as color, light, and patterns to create specific, often emotionally charged moods. My work is tied to the reality and imagination inherent in the feminine realm.