Heesu Jeon

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.jeonheesu.com

City / State: Chicago, IL

I am a human recorder of my personal history, using animated images, emotional abstraction, cubist composition, and natural signs. I mix the exterior appearance of my daily life—whose order and hierarchy have lost their meaning—with the internal nature, or essence, that resides within it. The internal nature, or essence, here refers to “the inscape” that is redefined through the combination of the mundane reality and the psychic realm of the mind. Through the patterns and symbolic signs of American comics and Japanese anime, I depict the experience of my everyday life as well as the Korean social identity. In order to make visible the existence of the everyday, I give form to the emotional exchanges, circumstantial dynamics, and relationships among the people who reside in the world. It is my long-term goal that my chronological records will show not only my personal history but also form a part of contemporary history, and this will emerge if I keep recording my story throughout my life.