Hannah Parrett

Region: Midwest

Website: http://www.hannahparrett.com/

City / State: Cincinnati, OH

 Common themes I address in the work are temporality, landscape, and memory. Pulling from the literary notion of the vignette, I often create multilayered scenes in a pictorial space that explore moments that break off from larger narratives. Comparing Eadweard Muybridge’s photography, David Hockney’s Polaroids, and the current relentless scroll in social media platforms, I use repetition of form and sequenced images to explore how our experience of time has fundamentally changed. Painting is a space for me to reflect on how we got to this point of accelerated looking.

My most recent body of work explores folklore surrounding the American West through specific icons and symbols derived from the 1940s Annie Oakley comic books and Deadwood Dick dime novels. The paintings fragment, dissolve, and repeat silhouetted figures who perform in curtained interiors and empty landscapes. Through these forms, I work toward understanding the contradiction between the outlaw and colonialist, and how Western development continues to contribute to a culture of progression and performative individuality within America today.