Hale Allen

Region: Northeast

Website: http://www.haleallen.com

City / State: Philadelphia, PA

My artwork is from the evolution of light and space derived from the industrial landscape. Within the design of light and space form the constructed images of connection. Memory and reality are intertwined, and the results are complex reminders of the netting that might be symbolic for all life.

The collective consciousness for every moment is as large as the universe and equally as delicate. The post industrial age is tenuous and darker, slightly more dangerous and with that, the future of who we are remains within the coils and wires. But considering nothing is static, there must be movement within the paintings. The movement is the evolution. The encoded information will defy society's best intentions.

The light is the environment where the anthropomorphic wires live and breathe. The backgrounds are the atmosphere, setting the stage for all levels of consciousness based on belief, iconography, myth and memory.

Ultimately, the images become a narration of self awareness. All complex nature is beautiful and within is the richest of color and shape. It doesn't matter if the shape is an emotion of love or the color is arterial, both the physical world and the spiritual and emotional ideology have equal weight, but all are grounded within the wires.