Gyan Shrosbree

Region: Midwest


City / State: Fairfield, IA

 Color is a huge part of the way I see the world and what I am most interested in when constructing my paintings. The interaction of color, how space can be flat and have depth all at once. How two colors can fight with each other while remaining friends. That perfectly off-color combination that feels so satisfying. Materiality. Reflectivity. Symbols that can mean something and nothing all at once. Narrative that can be abstract. Color that takes over your body. Brings joy, but also makes you uncomfortable. I am interested in that discomfort. In the unknown. This relates to my experience in the studio when I am making the work. Being surprised by my own moves. Paying attention to the things that are happening in the work, and around the work. It is often the thing that I don’t think is the work that informs the work.