Gretchen Scherer

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

  My paintings are small, reimagined depictions of art museums and their collections. They depart from the original sources of inspiration to become imaginary spaces of possibility. The compositions I create are a blend of how the museum might have looked in the past and the way I imagine the space as it could be. Many of the places I depict I have never been to but experience virtually. Before the advent of the white cube, the first public museums were arranged with paintings hanging from floor to ceiling on colorful walls. It must have been an overwhelming but also wondrous experience. While those days are long past, I think we are experiencing a similar visual phenomenon now with the advent of digitalization; we constantly see an endless barrage of images. In my work, I look to the past to shed light on our current visual culture and revisit the paintings and places that inspire me.