Gregory Michael Carter

Gallery Affiliations: Hooks Epstein Galleries

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

The focus of my work has shifted from a political subject matter to the intricacies of human interaction. In my newest work I seek to illustrate the drama of life and death. I use maps as my primary surface with the intent of placing these conflicts in a geographical as well as historical context. In these works symbolism takes the form of abstract mixed media collages and paintings juxtaposed with representational imagery. These works are coded paintings that tell a true history.

Another underlying theme that is a sub-topic of the human conflict issue, and one of the reasons I do work on maps, is the layering in my map paintings, which in part symbolizes that every place was once somewhere else. In other words, where you are right now is based solely on who controls that particular region. The history surrounding the different power struggles worldwide remains to be one of my primary interests.