Gregg Bautista

Region: Northeast


City / State: Skillman, NJ

 Born in the United States to Peruvian immigrants and growing up in a predominantly Anglo community, I gained a bilateral sense of cultural imposter syndrome. Reflecting on how I wrestled with this into adulthood and observing my parents acclimate to life in America has guided my interest in how identity is affected by the circumstances of cultural assimilation or integration, displacement, and ideological shifts that result from migration. The resulting paintings are a celebration of my Andean heritage. Using pre-Columbian culture, artifacts, textiles, and history (anthropological and oral) as a framework for my process, I attempt to place myself in the role of a weaver by interlacing/overlaying references to modernity. With the ensuing dissonance between spaces, I challenge the structure of political borders and question what it means to “belong.” In doing so, I’m forced to explore the lasting effects of colonialism on indigenous cultures, particularly erasure, that are perpetuated in contemporary social systems. Nonetheless, the paintings also serve as tribute to the fortitude and resilience of these cultures throughout history.