Greg Moore

Region: South


City / State: Little Rock, AR

These paintings are about searching through discarded rubble and finding beautiful things. I find pieces of rusted, dented metal debris and I paint on them in a way that doesn’t obscure the original texture and color of the object. I seek out objects that are notable for their unique stains, rust, and damage, and I let those characteristics guide the painting.

The subject matter I choose is largely informed by the pieces of debris I start with. Often I evoke or re-imagine the scene where decaying trash might be found (a field of red clover, a cluster of thistles). For the past few years, I have been drawn to weeds and wildflowers.

I hope to take forgotten, decaying objects usually thought of as trash, and use them to make intriguing and soulful works of art that people would want to bring into their homes.