Greg McLemore

Region: South


City / State: Towson, MD

Inspired by magical realism, the Decadent movement, and surrealism, my paintings range in subject from the onceglorious but now dilapidated buildings of Baltimore to imagery that explores the complexity of Nagasaki, Japan. I also make figurative work that investigates ideas of transformation, identity, subversive behavior, and the individual’s place in society.

The Baltimore Ruins paintings are highly detailed images of crumbling but beautiful structures. I aspire to reflect the deep, dark, gritty nature of Baltimore, reflected in its architecture. Inferences about the human psyche are enmeshed in each gash, hole, and sloppy patch. Recently, I’ve focused on very complex graffiti and tags, and consider how this language battles with itself and with the classical architecture it has been applied to.

The Nagasaki City paintings describe Nagasaki’s multilevel, complex architecture while exploring the character of the people that permeates the structures. The paintings reflect some of the city’s unique and at times, difficult history. They lean towards allegory and, along with architecture, include references to people, animals, and ghosts.