Grant Newman

Region: Midwest


City / State: Lyons, IL

 In my work I often use abstraction as a language to communicate a dialogue re ecting the complexities and confluences in contemporary experience.

My practice takes a pluralistic attitude, where certainty is made more unknown by the blur between the natural and digital world. Gesture is a vehicle for both representation and annihilation, a mark of identity substantiated by appropriation.

A visual scape develops from the use of a variety of techniques, tools, and materials. Some trained and traditional, some hacked, some meager, some belligerent, but still attentive. Working by way of an additive/subtractive method, process and procedure converge into a constructive collision between buildups and breakdowns.

Each work becomes a snafu where entanglements of decisions build a compression of layers collapsing into an image of unsettled identity.