Grant Miller

Gallery Affiliations: Byron Cohen Gallery, Black & White Gallery

Region: Midwest

The constructing of these paintings mirrors the construction of history, and furthermore the natural process of gathering and editing information in present society. I start with architectural interiors and marks that represent accumulated forms of information and memories. Once these marks are laid, there is a continuous reaction to the previous information. I use a combination of structure and an expressive vocabulary inherent to painting as elements to formally define space and express the intersections of a complicated society. Much of the early information is completely covered, and the viewer is left with a painting that has been continually built upon the previous action or mark, as well as an image that reflects the nuances and complexity of contemporary society.

The paintings are a reconstruction of a physical history, which plays out within the layers of the work. In history, as in these paintings, you can see through to some of the early influences, while some are completely invisible but necessary to the finality of each piece.