Grace Lynne Haynes

Region: Pacific Coast

City / State: Carson, CA

My work is primarily centered on my relationship with myself as a Black woman, and the vulnerability that that entails. The majority of my art is done in oil paint due to its ability to layer and texture. Creating work that progresses society and affects the cultural landscape at large is important to me. My current body of work is centered on the Black female American experience and the West African diaspora. Vulnerability is a topic I like to express in my work, and the heaviness that comes from feeling as though you have to carry the world on your shoulders as a woman. Creating art that gives my audience a fresh outlook on complex subjects is what I strive for. My goal is to tackle complexity in a subtle and fresh way that invites people into controversial conversations. I will always consider myself to be an art student willing to learn, expand, and grow as I gain more experiences in this lifetime.