Grace Lynne Haynes

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: new brunswick, NJ

This series focuses on relationships Black women have with one another through dance. I am curious about the realms of dance and how the movement of one’s body can create a ritual of existence and suggest an agency over their body. When two bodies collide, intertwining community and movement, they take on a new form. I showcase this collision through the lens of a fairytale, a genre that often excludes women of color. The invented characters in my works are various beings ranging from fairies, to spirits, and humans in flesh form. These characters are placed against vibrant backgrounds that contain intricate patterns, detailed carpentry, shadow play, and indoor exotic plants. These elements are created with acrylic paint and found objects—such as fabric and wallpaper—that are repurposed into the figure’s form and environment. Through these paintings, I am exploring themes of mysticism, community, womanhood, and performance.