Gonzalo Hernandez

Region: South

Website: http://www.gonzalo-hernandez.com

City / State: Miami, FL

Gonzalo Hernandez’s multi-faceted art practice addresses personal narratives related to contemporary dilemmas such as labor, success and failure, the art world, and identity. Culling from autobiographical circumstances, his installation, sculpture, painting, photography, and film are highly particular to his perspective as an immigrant, while also addressing broader cultural associations. Eliminating the distinction between art and life, the artist considers many situations and materials as viable for inclusion in his work, no matter how banal or quotidian. From the mounds of cardboard found on the factory floors of past employment that become relief sculptures, to the shopping lists quickly scribbled onto his hand and photographed with his iPhone, the artist finds truth and meaning in the overlooked. Daily encounters with text, language, and material become fodder for symbolic interpretations.