Glynis Chaffin-Tinglof

Region: Pacific Coast

City / State: Los Osos, CA

For the past several years I have been focusing my work on the ìLay of the Landî. Examining the imprint of an increasing population on the geography of California.

In my heart I am an abstract expressionist, but my head needs concrete images to be happy. Painting aerial views of landscapes satisfies both heart and head. For me aerial views are at the same time orienting and disorienting. As a child, I would fly with my dad in his small plane. We would fly over our town and neighborhood. I remember trying to locate my school, our house and the roads on which I so often walked or rode my bike.

I have lived in California all my life. I have watched small towns grow and change. I have watched farmlands disappear and tilt- up mega malls emerge virtually overnight. I find exploring the tension and conflict inherent in this rapid growth to be the current driving force in my work.