Glory Day Loflin

Region: South


City / State: Greenville, SC

 My current work explores my life experiences as contained in objects collected, moments remembered in form, and shapes organized onto the painting surface. Currently, my practice looks like anthropological dig meets cabinet of curiosities. I draw from objects in my home—pots made by friends, a handful of sand I collected while visiting my sister in Kuwait, a cast of my dad’s teeth, my grandmother’s seashell collection from years spent in the Philippines.

In addition to referencing my reading of Greek and Norse mythology, my paintings periodically depict, among other characters, anthropomorphized pots that stand in for the human vessel. The faux depth created with a flawed use of perspectival space allows the read of the painting I intend; all of the objects in my paintings are connected through associated thought rather than any illusory shelving or depth. Moreover, the paintings remain open to the viewer, generating narrative and meaning through looking and experiencing.