GL Richardson

Region: West


City / State: Santa Fe, NM

 Marking a line between figurative expressionism and Western pop, GL Richardson’s work finds its footing in a unique ground of conceptualism and pure emotion. With identifying human truths as perhaps the only tenuous ligament connecting his past life in advertising and ranching, he uses this muscle to distill life’s complexities into base analogies.

Compositionally, scale and isolation have emerged as overarching acts in his work. Subjects seemingly face their implicit and unavoidable cosmic insignificance. There is a melancholic yet liberating truth here.

The West and the world of ranching have proven to be productive wells that he draws his observations from. He attributes this to their simultaneous simplicity and immense depth. The work often plays out on rich color fields where detail and obscurity push and pull. This visual juxtaposition informs a keen interest in life’s natural order. For Richardson, trials are unavoidable and harmoniously ideal, marking conflict as his true subject.