Giulia Piera Livi

Region: South


City / State: Baltimore, MD

 I interpose objects of the everyday to distort our sense of space, explore our ability to inhabit rooms, and merge the dreamlike with the rigid. I think of paintings as they exist in the home, decorating our lives, using us to give them purpose. And inversely, objects become weirdly functional paintings to question abstraction and reality. My work focuses on the acute and the polite, the domestic and the utilitarian.

My studio practice deals with issues of desire, consumption, and the absurdity of convenience. Taking form in immersive installations, my paintings combine imagination and points of memory to dissect the history of modernism and minimalism in the home. This question of domesticity comes from a curiosity about the curated home space, how the imperfections of home life can be contrasted with the polish of interior design. By paring abstraction with accessibility, I aim to critique both the home and retail space. I utilize materiality and hyper-cohesive color to investigate the artist’s role in a society with an aspiration to be modern.