Garth Weiser

Gallery Affiliations: Casey Kaplan, Altman Siegel Gallery

Region: Northeast

My practice lies between and within the disparate formal languages of abstraction, minimalism and figuration.

The base iconography of my work references design elements from the late 20th century, sourced from maquettes I use to construct the underdrawings of my canvases. These drawings act as a skeleton for the paint that follows. Through manipulating and building various fluctuations of color and shading on top of the underdrawing, the palette and surface treatment of the paintings challenge the picture plane with a new sense of space within the fundamental tangets of their inner geometries. Volumes and shapes are created through the interaction of light with the textured surface of the canvas and the color is creates fields of both gradual and stark contrast that create sculptural perspective.

The visual language used in my work explores the picture plane as a space of abstraction influenced by figural, landscape and geometric forms. The paintings are both figures in space as well as flat abstractions, a paradox that interrupts the "fixed image" logic found in painting.